Dual USB Car Charger

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Product features and functions
First, input: 12V 24VDC, suitable for all models;
Second, the output: 5V 3100MA, suitable for mobile phones, flat panel and other electronic equipment
Third, the material: ABS + aluminum alloy
Four, Weight: 23g (with bag 36g) Size: 60mm*30mm*20mm
V. Indication: LED display, real time monitoring of battery voltage and charging voltage current
Sixth, new design, dual USB output, private mold, safety and environmental protection
VII. Interface: Dual USB ports work at the same time, can charge multiple devices at the same time
Eight, applicable models: applicable to all kinds of mobile phones, MP3, MP4, cameras, IPOD and other digital products
Nine, support OEM, ODM, custom LOGO and packaging